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I am a pediatric gastroenterologist and allergist, and am recognized worldwide as an expert on adverse food reactions. I have found that lots of people are confused about the possibility of adverse reactions to foods. How can you work it out?

Battling with doctors: difficulties in getting tests done

I get a lot of messages like this one.

“I have been battling the doctors and so forth. I’m at a loss of what to do. How long is the waiting list to see you because at this rate I’d fly down for an appointment to get my son seen to by someone who actually knows what he would need and would help him.” Thanks, Jess.

This is why I have written this book.

How can you find out if foods might be affecting you?

Do you wonder if you, or your children, might be getting unwell by eating:

or Something else?

Do they have “food-related disorders”?

Most people who have food problems are not able to come and see in my Clinic for a personal consultation. But if you want specific personal help with diagnosis, you can go to our on-line eClinic (details in Chapter 4).

This book is written to help you on your food allergy quest. This book tells you how you can solve your Food Allergy Puzzles. It also tells you about how my eClinic works.

I finally knew what to test him for

“Dear Dr. Ford: I am so deeply thankful to you for your brilliant work and your crusade to teach people about the complexity and enormity of this condition, the difference you’ve made just my own family’s life is unquantifiable. I used your eClinic for my youngest son and due to the information I received regarding his symptoms, I finally knew what to test him for and the results were astonishing: non-celiac gluten sensitivity, an IgE egg white protein allergy and an IgG casein allergy. He’s a completely different child now and can finally just enjoy being a kid. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Thanks for the eClinic

Thanks for the eClinic. It’s marvelous having such a useful resource that’s backed by so much hard research and experience. We might make some progress at last. By the way, I’m an IT consultant so I understand the teething problems with any complex software based endeavor. Thanks.” Andrew. (Comment: We are working to give you the best experience possible. It has taken time to get everything working smoothly. Any feedback that we get is appreciated. I am a paediatrician – I am not a web guy, but doing the best I can. Thank you).

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