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Beating Poverty

I decided to write this book when I was hired to write a website on debt reduction. I went looking for new information about how to deal with not having enough money to live on, but I simply couldn’t find any! It turns out that financial advice isn’t written for the truly poor; it’s written for the middle-class; people with jobs and bank accounts. In short, for people who don’t really need it.

After doing a little research, I realized that every piece of financial advice I had ever read was pure, absolute garbage. The "money management" strategies put out by financial advisors make some huge assumptions about how much money the reader has. For years, I wanted to cry every time I read the words, "pay yourself first". If I paid myself first, I wouldn’t be able to pay the electric bill. There were years when I couldn’t afford a decent meal, a pair of shoes that fit, or a new book. There were years when I was cold and even hungry. And I was never even truly "poor". Not living-in-the-tenement poor, anyway: not sleeping-on-the-streets poor. I came from a middle class background, but when I left home in the high-unemployment Reagan years, my standard of living dropped drastically. I was chronically impoverished: I felt desperate.

It’s so hard to be poor: tens of millions of Americans deal with the reality every day. Adding insult to injury is the debt consolidation advice given out free, gratis and at no charge by banks, mortgage lenders, financial advisors and credit counseling agencies. "Pay yourself first! Cut up your credit cards! Never make just the minimum payment!" What banks and even well-meaning do-gooders (credit counselors for example) don't tell you, is that the financial rules were made by banks, specifically to keep poor people from getting some of the billions of dollars that grow daily in the accounts of the rich.

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