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Austin’s Tennis Tips Illustrated

By Austin P. Torney

Copyright 2012 Austin P. Torney

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1: The Tennis Ball

The bright yellow ball (the easiest color to see) with fuzz may often rotate as it travels, in a forward ‘topspin’ direction, if brushed upwards with the racquet, for this pushes it down during flight, and so it can but rarely go out. When it hits the ground, it ‘bites’, and bounces extra high. Some might need a ladder to reach it. Bjorn Borg and Nadal employ extreme versions of topspin. Austin does, too, sometimes, if he has the time.

If, on other hand, which is really the same hand, the ball is undercut as a ‘slice’, it floats with this underspin as a thing of beauty, and dies when it lands, skidding, and staying extra low. On grass it is devastating. One would like to dig underground for a place to stand to get a swing at it. Ken Rosewall was a master of slicing.


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