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SPIRIT 2nd Edition

Original poems by Raymond J. Geraths

Edited by Nolan A. Geraths

Copyright © 2009, by Nolan A. Geraths. All rights reserved.

Distributed by Steven Schwindt Publishing


My father was a poet. I discovered his writings in the last six years of his life. He started his poetry in 1949 and then wrote poems throughout his long life.

All of these poems are original, written by my father.

In addition to these poems we found 3 epic poems. We plan to publish these poems in the near future.

I edited his poems because he is no longer around. He died in winter of 2004. I did not know of all his poems, and I believe it was his spirit that guided me to have these poems published.

I hope you enjoy reading his poems as much I do.

Nolan Geraths




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