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Dandelion Request Form

Emily Hopkins

Published by Emily Hopkins at Smashwords

2014 Copyright Free Emily Hopkins

Cover Illustration by Jesse Hopkins

For W.H. & J.H.

Dandelion Request Form

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SHELLY BIBSIN WORE a goddamn yellow bikini to her mother’s burial. Later called the “harlot's homecoming” by the gray-haired gossips and firm-titted chits, her arrival abruptly interrupted Father Morin's graveside prayer reading. Distracted by the lemon-hued aberration, the poor Father stumbled through “thy kingdom,” stuttered queerly about “come,” exhaled with an exaggerated “amen,” and then, blessedly, fell silent. The gathered mourners, orthodox in dress and grief, sat in dumb abeyance and gawked at Shelly as she sauntered to where I was seated in the far corner of the front row of chairs. She perched herself on my lap like a plucky canary; legs crossed at the knees, hands folded in prayer like a regular, cross-me-up-and-down, church lady. The chair teetered on the uneven ground and I grabbed her bare hips to keep us from toppling. And, by God!, Father Morin coughed when I touched her.

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