Super Frost 2 By D. F. PierceCopyright 2012 D. F. Pierce Smashwords edition

Super Frost 2

I am back.

It is time to help whom ever we can so let’s go and help them.

The Biggest Little City is now where I make my home. I spend my sleep hours on top of the home of Marc and Andy. I miss Wyatt and Colton I wish they would come, and visit there cousins soon.

Screaming erupts Super Frost is in the air fast and heading South West to the California coast where it has been raining for days.

A woman is screaming that her home is sliding off a cliff and her kids are inside they will be killed please help. Super Frost arrives just in time and picking up the home and moving it to a safe distance from the cliffs edge saving the Woman’s family.

Mrs. White the woman said who are you? I am Super Frost Mrs. Oh my God you have saved my family thank you Super Frost. I must go now Super Frost said and flies away.

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