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In Light From A Distant Star, Vi-t-ry was a catalyst. Dead and cold, he was resurrected by something as unlikely as a strike from an asteroid. He awakens to a world that’s drastically changed from the one he helped destroy two thousand years before. Vi-t-ry is an artificial intelligence, the heart and soul of a vast warship, the last of its kind, alone and searching for home. His search is long; and flawed. But ultimately he finds that which he seeks. A far off planet orbiting a distant star that ‘tastes’ like home. Vi-t-ry reaches across space, from the planet he orbits to earth in the blink of an eye. His actions are innocent, yet devastating. The international space station and the shuttle Atlantis are inadvertently caught by Vi-t-ry and transported to the planet Sul-Anroth, starting an improbable journey for a team of earth born astronauts and the fulfillment of legend for the alien clansmen. Then Vi-t-ry was gone, disappearing from Sul-Anroth as if he’d never been. Only to appear like the flaming sword of god over an unsuspecting and unprepared Earth.

Light Of An Alien Sun!

Vi-t-ry’s appearance is sudden and shocking, bursting into existence in a flash of writhing blue lightening, then flaming out and lying dead and cold above the earth. His last act claiming the Atlantis and one Lt. Commander Mac Crowe. But that is not the end of Vi-t-ry’s story.

The great spaceship is a mystery. Arriving in such spectacular fashion then going fully dormant. Hanging over the earth as a second moon, forbiddingly and menacingly cold. No communication. No ambassador of good will. No attack or hideous invasion by multi-legged monsters. It has done nothing. Nothing except laying match to fuse and setting off a conflagration that may consume the world.

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