Tiffany T.J. Craig

Smashwords Edition

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Long ago, in a kingdom far away, there lived a man called Seelie. He was a happy man, always singing while he worked, helping people he met on the street and giving of himself when he had nothing to give.

The other people of the kingdom always wondered why Seelie was so happy when they lived in a terribly dark place, that had a terribly dark king who ruled Cemolina with an iron fist. King Farnone didn't allow fun, games or parties. The only things he ever allowed his subjects to do were working and paying taxes. It was an awfully dreadful existence.

So, on one particularly terrible day, a young boy asked Seelie, "Why are you so happy? Do you not see that we live terrible lives?" Seelie only smiled and said, "I am happy because I believe." "Believe? Believe in what?", the boy asked. "Everything.", Seelie answered, and added cheerfully, "I believe that we are lucky to be alive, I believe that one day things will get better and, most of all, I believe in magic." Having imparted his innocent beliefs, Seelie danced merrily on his way.

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