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The boy stood for a moment, pondering what Seelie had said. "If I believe what he said, then I should be able to perform magic myself... after all, who can be that happy if he doesn't have the aid of magic?" Slowly, the boy began to smile, then he too danced merrily away down the street.

When the boy arrived home, his mother asked, "Son, why do you smile so? Do you not know of our terrible existence?" Her question only made the boy smile more widely. "I smile because I believe. I believe we are lucky to be alive, and that things will change but, I also believe in magic." Now, his mother was smiling and, when she told her husband what the boy had said, he began to smile, too. Before they went to sleep that night the father said, "I shall tell everyone I know of this, and they will believe and be happy, too."

That is just what he did the very next morning. He told the milkman, the mail carrier, the maids and grooms, and even the cats and dogs he saw on the streets. Everyone the father told, told everyone they knew, and so on. Soon, everyone in the small village knew of the magic, and they were all very happy.

The King did not like this one little bit. "What is this magic that has made my subjects so happy?", he muttered angrily, as he surveyed the town from his balcony. "You there,", he called to a man dancing down the street. "Who taught you this magic that has made you so happy?" "Why 'twas the postman, your Highness.", the man replied cheerfully. "Aha! I shall see the postman, forthwith!" And so, he did.

After asking the postman, who sent him along to the milkman, who directed him to the father, who pointed him to the mother, he arrived at the son. "Tell me... ", said the King, "... who taught you this magic?" "Seelie did.", the boy replied with a smile. The King turned to his guard and roared, "Bring this Seelie to the castle!" Without a 'by-your-leave', the King returned to his castle in great haste.

When the guard arrived, the King had poor, innocent Seelie thrown into the dungeon. "That will stop all this nonsensical talk of magic!", The King declared, but he was wrong... as he sat in his castle and gloated, the magic was spreading like wildfire. Soon everyone in the kingdom knew about it, and believed in it.

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