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Mind Magick

A Practical Guide to Manifesting Your Desires and Living the Life of Your Dreams

Copyright 2012 Green King Press

Smashwords Edition


What Is Mind Magick?

You are not your mind and you are not your body. These are actually tools available to your authentic Inner Self, Consciousness, or Pure Being. These different words all indicate the same thing and that thing is experienced as Pure Presence. Presence is the feeling of being here Now. It is experiencing and fully accepting the present moment as it IS without judgment, analyses, or focus on the past or the future. It is realization of your true nature as a point of perception in the unmanifest field of pure potential. This field is infinite and contains all energy and information. It is the eternal source from which the entire manifest Universe is created. You are not separate from this source. It is you experiencing yourself as Pure Being or Consciousness. As such you are continually interacting with this field of infinite potential and from that interaction manifesting your life experience in the world of forms. To experience this directly is to have direct knowledge of your True Self. It is the experience of Presence. This is essential to understand as all your infinite power to create is always in the present moment. You interact with eternal source through the tools that are your body and mind. As a tool your mind can be viewed as a computer. It is programmed by commands and these are what you call your thoughts. Sufficient repetition of the same thought or complexes of associated thoughts form a matrix of commands known to you as beliefs. These are the primary programs of your mind and they have a life of their own; they continue running even when you are unconscious of them. They form the deep structure of your mind and even effect the way that your physical body organizes it’s self on a cellular level. This is also how formless Source Energy is made to form into the diverse manifestations that you perceive to be your environment and life experiences.

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