2012: The Eye of The Universe

By Florence Witkop

Copyright 2012 Florence Witkop

Smashwords Edition

I didn’t notice the man in the overcoat arrive. He was just there, leaning against the fence, watching the basketball game. No expression, just a taut, brown body topped by a strong face and thick, black hair, head tilted in the way of people when they are thinking. An athlete, watching other athletes. I wondered what exactly he was seeing.

I saw the Panthers, my boyfriend Sig’s team, in practice mode, a boastfully named basketball team. Would have been boastful except that lately they were living up to their name, executing moves both smooth and powerful, way better than at the beginning of the summer. I’d marveled at the improvement and wondered if the man in the overcoat had seen them earlier. If so, what did he think of them now?

There was no other team on the court, just handkerchiefs tied around the necks of half of the team to differentiate defense from offense. No other teams would play the Panthers since they’d gotten so good. The kind of problem every team would like to have.

It was sometime in July that the Panthers suddenly became awesome. It was now early winter and they were still improving.

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