A Love Through Time

By PinkIris

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 by PinkIris

Other Titles by author: Small Town Life

This book does contain adult content.

The sun was setting over the hills, washing the sky with brilliant color. Reds, pinks and oranges flooded the sky, leaving an ethereal golden glow to bathe the small town nestled among the trees. So outstanding a display of color caused many to stop and watch the show with soft smiles and quiet, inner peace.

I took it as a sign of good luck as I stood watching the sunset behind the object of my desire. The huge, old Victorian house had sat empty so long that no one remembered the former occupants or even why they had left it. My curiosity over its abandonment was far overshadowed by my lust to own the place.

I had grown up living not far from the house, passing it daily. My friends had speculated on the rumors of the house being haunted, swearing at different times to have seen ghostly movements. I just thought the house needed love.

Even I couldn't deny that something seemed different about the place. There was no obvious reason for the feelings I was having; nothing seemed to change in how the house looked, it just felt different. Not quite as lonely maybe, like it was waiting for something or someone.

The house stood three stories tall with an attic and an old cellar door to indicate even more space underneath. It was almost a perfect square, with a porch that wrapped all the way around. But most important to me was the tower that shot up from one front corner, straight and softly rounded. It even had a widow's walk ringing the top. Pretty gingerbread molding still hung, a lot of it broken and crumbling, but enough was there to see how it should have looked. I liked the look of that tower and daydreamed about what might be up there or what it could be used for.

The house used to be white but was now sort of a dingy gray. The windows on the ground floor had been boarded up at some point and the front door had a large heavy board nailing it shut. There were still fragments of curtains hanging in the upper windows which only made my curiosity higher as I wondered what else might have been left behind.

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