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With the violence on the Mexican border, the Government of Mexico was utilizing its military as a police force. The drug cartels often had them out gunned and out financed, causing the government to resort to covert police tactics. Men like Puentes put their lives on the line to infiltrate the cartels and get close to those involved.

The factory in Esperanza didn’t throw up any red flags, but Esparza’s presence in the town did. As soon as he went off the grid near the border, Puentes located him in Esperanza and began to investigate him.

Puentes came into town as a drifter. He got a job and began to fit in. He was doing exactly what he should have done. Now he was faced with a dilemma. If he tried to defend himself, he’d be removed from the plant. He knew what they had in mind. He would have to make a choice.

If he fought back, he lost his assignment and his chance to stop Esparza. If he didn’t fight back, he would lose the respect of the townspeople. He couldn’t risk losing the assignment. That would have meant leaving the townspeople without anyone to watch over them while Esparza took over. He stood there and let the man push him into a fight knowing he couldn’t defend himself.

The man that bumped him asked him what he thought he was doing.

“You did that on purpose!” he yelled at Puentes.

“I did nothing to you,” Puentes answered back.

The other man punched Puentes and knocked him to the floor. Two security men from the plant arrived immediately and grabbed both men to keep them apart. They were escorted to the plant manager’s office and held there until the plant manger arrived.

As soon as Dents arrived, the man who’d thrown the punch began expounding his innocence.

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