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People, Politics, and Profits:

The Ties that Bind Main Street, the Beltway, and Wall Street

Wana L. Duhart

Published by Trahud Enterprises at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Wana Duhart


Citizen disgust and impatience with Beltway theatrics and intransigence as well as Wall Street trickery and sophistication have energized a healthy public dialogue that is focused on the competing priorities and agendas of Main Street America, Wall Street high finance, and the Washington Beltway. People are more keenly aware of how their personal choices are ultimately tied to the profitability and sustainability of large, complex financial institutions. Citizens are becoming more attuned to and exasperated by the deal-making and shenanigans emanating from Washington, D.C., which are benefitting corporate and political interests more than those of the individual taxpayers. And ironically, it took a financial crisis to place the microscope on practices that have existed for decades on Wall Street – e.g. the creation of exotic financial instruments and the making of markets for bundles of investments that are basically junk or very high risk assets.

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