The Secret of the Breakers

A short story by Macy Reynolds

There’s nothing ever fun to do here. Just water and sand and shells. What are we supposed to do?” Said Stephanie. Her and her brother lived just off the shores of Cape May, a very mysterious but beautiful place in New Jersey. They played out at the beach constantly, but always fell bored in the first hour. “I know. Why’d we even move here anyways? I’d rather live in New York. At least it’s exciting.” Thomas said. “Thomas! Stephanie! Time for dinner!” Their mother called from the beach house. “Coming!” They ran up the beach and crossed the road. As they entered the house they immediately sat down for the once again delicious meal their mother had cooked for the family. “So, anything interesting happen down there? Find anything cool?” The mother said. “Nope. Boring as always.” Thomas said. He let out a big sigh and put a fork full of food in his mouth. “I’m sure something interesting will happen, it’s absolutely wonderful here! So beautiful.” The mother said. “Your mother is right. It’s so wonderful here. Something is bound to happen. Maybe you’ll see some dolphins!” “Yeah dad, the dolphins that we’ve seen hundreds of times are so interesting.” Stephanie said. “Don’t doubt anything.” Their mother said.

The next day it was just another warm, summer day, with the same routine. Wake up, breakfast, go outside to play. The kids headed outside. “Love you!” Their mom said. “Love you too mom! We’ll be home soon!” The kids said. Once again they headed down the beach. They, as every other day, looked for shells and played in the water. “Hey, let’s go sit on the breakers and feed the seagulls.” Stephanie said. They sat down and Thomas got out a bag of sunflower seeds from his pocket. “Here, you take some and I’ll take some.” They fed the seagulls until they were out of seeds. “That was fun.” Thomas said. “What do you want to do now?” “Hmm..let’s dig by the breakers! All of the great shells are always under there!” “But we already dug for shells.” Thomas said. “Yeah, but we didn’t dig here! Come on Thomas!” “Fine. We can dig for your stupid shells.” They began digging, and digging, and digging. They dug so far they could stand in the hole. “Stephanie, we’ve been digging for forever. Let’s quit.” “No! I found something!” Thomas groaned. “What? What could it possibly be?!” “’s another..hole!”

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