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Adam & Eve: The 50/50 Choice

Copyright 2012


Latron M

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

It was so damn dark. Day and night. All the time. Actually you never really knew if it was day or night. And cold. Even though the heater kept the temperature at an even seventy-two degrees, the floor, the walls, everything was concrete, and always cold to the touch. Maybe it was just that the place was poorly lit and furnished with mostly grey or metal shelves and cabinets. Maybe it wasn’t even that it was poorly lit and cold, but it was that they had been inside these three rooms for two fucking weeks.

Dr. Frank Crick was a forty-five year old geneticist. He had been working on the Heraclitus project for seven years now. It was his life’s work, and that’s why he had converted the bomb shelter out behind his parents’ house, into what he called “A high security research facility.” Frank wanted to be absolutely sure that his work was safe, and he didn’t trust the lab at the university. Sure, he would do most of his work there, and he needed the resources at the state of the art lab, however he kept his notes, and most importantly, his samples, at his lab at home. Evenings and weekends were spent here, where he was never disturbed, and most of his important work was done. It actually was a nice workspace for one or two people, and had quite a bit of modern equipment that Frank had purchased and installed himself. It was just dumb luck that Frank and his partner, Cody had been working there that Thursday night before the holiday weekend.

Frank had met Dr. Cody Thomas eleven years ago while working at a medical research lab owned by a pharmaceutical company. Cody was five years younger than Frank but they became friends quickly and worked well together. It was a no-brainer for Frank to choose Cody as his partner on the Heraclitus project, and Cody proved to be a great asset.

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