The Tradition Thief

Drayco teams up with a Native American Sheriff to find the link between stolen artifacts and the suspicious death of a medicine man.

Terror of the Mind Bandit

A man with dementia thinks the nursing home staff are trying to kill him, and Drayco begins to suspect there may be something to the man's claims.

Out of the Clouds

Drayco discovers murder and revenge at 20,000 feet.


The Tradition Thief

Rays of azurite blue and ochre red from the morning sun formed a backdrop behind the tumbledown shanty, like patterns on a Navajo rug. Scott Drayco squinted at the cracked beams of the small hut, marveling it was still standing. Neither a trailer home like so many others in Chinle and on the Rez, nor a traditional hogan, it was an architectural half-breed.

Drayco turned to his friend and said, “Not much to look at, Josh.”

“What did you expect? You’re the one who wanted to tag along on a murder case, man.”

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