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Beast (A Fairytale Assassin Short Story)

By Rebecca Knight

“Sure, we can meet then. I’ll be the one dressed as Princess Peach.”

A giggle, then heavy breathing from the other end of the line.

“That’s perfect. I’ll be cosplaying as Bowzer.”

“It really is like we’re soul mates, Adam.”

Veronica rolled her eyes and dug her hand back into the Cheetos bag. Something about listening to these geeks’ phone conversations made her want to eat junk. She’d been in the surveillance van all day listening to the back and forth calls and voicemails, waiting for the meeting place to be agreed upon.

A sigh. “It is, Belle. I never doubted it.”

“It will be so good to see your face after all this time. I can’t believe I’m finally going to meet my fiancé.” Another high pitched giggle.

“You’ve been so patient, my love.”

“Of course, Adam. The world doesn’t understand you like I do.”

Veronica threw a Cheeto at the receiver. If they kept on like this, she was going to puke. At least now they’d finally decided on a time and place: this weekend at Comicon. She’d have a chance to check this weirdo out, face-to-face.

She’d received a call that morning from an old friend—Villenueve, one of the agency’s best profilers. His daughter was seeing some guy she met online, and naturally, V was concerned he was a serial killer. Typical dad stuff, but his instincts had saved her butt enough times in the field. She could do him this one favor. One pic of the guy, maybe a little spying. A simple enough job.

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