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Chapter 2 Complete In Him

Chapter 3 Deliverance

Chapter 4 It Shall Be Done

Chapter 5 Leanness of Soul

Chapter 6 Let This Mind

Chapter 7 Minister to Me

Chapter 8 Normal State of Our Spirit

Chapter 9 Releasing God’s Power and Ability

Chapter 10 The Chicken

About the Author

I have known the Lord for over 30 years. He saved me when I didn’t want saved or even believed that it could happen. Over the many years the Lord has so changed me from what I use to be. He told me through a prophetic word that I was to teach the things of His Spirit. At the time that really didn’t seem likely yet over the years He has taught me many things on this subject and it has become my deepest desire to see people set free, walking by the Spirit, and having an intimate relationship with Him. This I know could change the world if we would all just learn to listen to His voice and do what He asks for us to do.

I am not really a writer. Since I was around seven years old I would wake in the middle of the night with things running through me to write. I learned that I would not be able to go to sleep unless I would get up and write down what was in me. Once I met Jesus it made more sense to me. Now the Holy Spirit speaks to me and I must write things down. He alone is the writer and teacher. I just get the privilege of getting to write these words down and hopefully convey his messages to others. The articles that I have written were written at His direction. These are teachings from the Holy Spirit (He said that He would teach to us all things), that have helped me to not only change, to be different, and be closer to Him. If this is also your goal, to walk close with the Holy Spirit, then these truths will help you. Friends have been after me to start putting these lessons and teachings in a book that many may gain from what He has taught me. I pray that each is a real blessing to you.

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