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Chapter 4

Let's Dance

At the end of Ruth's first week on the job Edith came by and sat on the edge of her desk. She showed off her long shapely legs though nobody was in the office to look except Camilla, who pretended not to be watching. Good practice but the marines are all away thought Ruth.

I'm going dancing tomorrow night and I think you should come along.” Edith spoke with a shine in her large eyes as she continued, “In fact, I'm planning on going to Nalor. That's the nightclub where all of us hip people, the crowd that knows what goes, hang out.”

She was in a giddy mood and felt it time for a little self-mocking, for Edith was not one to insult others, even if she was attractive and Ruth was not.

She continued her narrative while looking towards Camilla and not Ruth, “The good thing about Nalor is that they have the best band in town playing the best music, the best men, the best dancers and nobody is allowed to bring booze into the club so there are no fights. Keeps out all the future alcoholics and bad boxers.”

If we arrive a little early I am sure I can talk the doorman into letting us in for free. I've done it before,” she boasted as she turned towards Ruth. “You can't spend Saturday night all alone in your new apartment and we all know that McMahon won't ask you to one of his fancy champagne affairs. No siree. None of the peasantry ever gets invited upstairs when the ambassador and his wife are entertaining!”

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