Chapter 1

I wasn’t your average girl. Nope, I was one of twenty-five girls who were famously known in our area as the “Shadow Assassins”. Not a bad name, except to me it kind of implies men. If only they knew that the most wanted band of assassins were girls. I’d pay money to see their faces when they found that one out. Anyway, like I was saying. I’m known by many names, wanted by many people, but I will always think of myself as Hyna. Odd name, but it was uniquely my own and that was one of the things no one could take from me.

As an assassin, I had to be many things. Pretty wasn’t one of them. I have long dark hair, somewhere in-between black and brown, pale blue eyes, a lot like ice, and a tan complexion. My body structure was more like a boy’s but that helped a little in my line of work. Most of the girls here were like me, not really pretty, but then there were the select few who were gorgeous. Our leader was one of those people. Her name was Liana and she looked like a goddess with her flowing blonde hair and bright green eyes.

Our mission was to take a small town out of the hands of a very cruel leader. Sounds easy, but this town was very closed off, well protected with guards, and the ruler rarely came out into public. Complicates things a bit, don’t you think? Well, we assassins came up with a little idea. The town was famous for its feasts. Every year on Allhallows they throw a huge feast in honor of something. No one in the group is exactly sure what they celebrate. For all we know, they could be celebrating its original meaning. Our idea was to take him out after the feast when’s he’s too drunk to fight much.

Someone calling my name made me snap my head up from the work in front of me. I had been working on repairing a few of our cloaks that had been damaged in one of our latest fights. The girl calling my name was Isis. She looked a lot like me and if any new assassin came, they always asked if we were related. She was also one of my closest friends here in our camp. Not that we made friends often, but it was hard not to like Isis.

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