Part I: Zuhr


If there were no death,

This world would be a tangle of straw:

A grain-stack left unthreshed in the field.

What you suppose is life is a form a death:

A seed dropped on unfertile ground.

Nothing becomes of it.

Those who have died do not grieve their death.

Rather they grieve not having prepared well enough

For their dying.

Die to your ego.

And become a True human.



It is just past noon, Zuhr. “Allahu akbar. God is great. Allahu akbar.” I have made the call then entered into prayer. “Subbhana kallah hum ma wa bi humdika. Oh God, glorified and praiseworthy; there is none other. I seek refuge in you from a world covered in death. Bis millah ir rahman ir rahim. In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful, guide me along the path of those whom you love, who have not gone astray.”

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