He had said he loved her, and she thought she loved him, but in that moment, when she found him with her friends, she knew—they had never really bonded, what some called ‘imprinting’, which takes place between an alpha male and an alpha female. She should have known what he was. She should have seen through his lies. She should have … but she hadn’t.

Her mother had tried to tell her she should never consider a human as a mate, that it would never work, but she had thought her mother was speaking about the ‘immortal’ versus ‘mortal’ thing. He was not a shapeshifter and he was not immortal … and they were obviously not meant.

Even so, even after she forced herself to think logically, the hurt and the fear of intimacy remained. She didn’t want to get involved … still didn’t, but this one, this wolf stirred mindless desire in her. She wondered if a ‘toss in the hay’ might relieve her without ensnaring her. She was always the one her friends laughed at because somewhere deep inside, the alpha wolf believed sex, love, and faithfulness went together.

So here she was once again interested in a ‘player’. She had witnessed him with the waitress and had immediately realized that the two had been intimate. No doubt he had a slew of women all over the globe and meant to add her to that list. She had better stay strong if she wanted to avoid that.

As she tossed and turned, she suddenly heard something. She closed her eyes, but her wolf hearing picked up on his howling. He had gone wolf and was in the woods somewhere high on his land, baying at a moon that had not yet turned full. A full moon meant little to a hybrid or a shapeshifter. It was but a symbol of the wolf.

The air was filled with a mournful tenor. She knew the sound. It was Chase MacAdams, it went through her senses and made her quiver in response. She had the sudden urge to take to the hills and run with him … again, her wolf seemed to be in tune with him. She had to fight this.

She wasn’t here for that. She wasn’t here to fall for the wiles of a hybrid. He had experience, charm, style, and looks, and those things enchanted the woman in her, but he was a player and he was a loner. That wasn’t what she needed or wanted. Roxie was a ‘playing for keeps’ kind of girl, and he was not that sort of male.

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