A Penguin for Paula

By Elisa Sarnacka-Mahoney

Illustrations by Elisa Sarnacka-Mahoney

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2010 Elisa Sarnacka-Mahoney


Paula Dee didn’t want just a pet. She wanted a penguin.

Mom and Dad knew she couldn’t have one. “You can’t keep a penguin in your room! Just imagine!”

“Who said it would be living in my room?” said Paula sticking her head out of the bathroom. Honestly! Parents can be so unimaginative sometimes.

A weekend trip to the aquarium was always Paula’s favorite. By the time she was five, everybody knew her and the nice lady in a wetsuit sometimes let her feed the penguins.

One day Paula got an idea. “Excuse me!”, she asked the kind lady in the wetsuit, “How much money do I need to save to buy a penguin?”

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