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Ricky Balona

Copyright 2012 By Ricky Balona

Smashwords Edition

Lady of the Lake

Kristy set off through the forest trail linking the suburb of Fernhill with Queenstown. A strong scent of pine trees permeated the entire area as she walked the narrow gravel path between dense trees on one side and an almost sheer drop below where if she were to loose her footing and fall it might take hours before rescuers would find her, if they ever managed to do so. In spite of the narrowness of the path she could not help gazing in wonder at the slivers of sunlight piercing the dense over hang of pine trees and wild raspberry bushes which grew in abundance. The mornings rain had recently cleared leaving the forest smelling fresh and pure. All around her she heard rustling sounds made by the birds, hedgehogs and other small animals scurrying away as she intruded into their world.

Far below on Lake Wakatipu sailed the vintage steamer " The Earnslaw " ferrying tourists from Queenstown to Walters Peak on the far side of the lake where they disembarked to feed farmyard animals at the quaint cottage, have tea and scones and above all watch a demonstration of sheep shearing." Can't come to New Zealand and miss seeing a sheep shearing and their weird sheep fetish, obviously Kiwi's don't have the same problems as the Aussies seem to have. Many an Australian tourist would leave the cottage for the return trip a little less humorous than when he arrived acutely aware of the discreet snigger's and wary glances he was subjected to by tourists from other countries.

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