Shannon and Ally Love Spring

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2012 Kate Everson

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Shannon and Ally were so happy it was Spring.

“Finally!” said Shannon. “Now, I can ride my new bike!”

“And I can play hopscotch on the driveway!” said Ally.

The sisters had been waiting for Spring all through the long winter days. They had enjoyed making snowmen and going sliding in the snow, but Spring was so much better.

“Soon the tulips will come out!” said Shannon.

“And the butterflies too!” said Ally.

Spring in Ottawa was a beautiful thing. Every day the sun got brighter and warmer. Shannon and Ally put away their winter clothes and got out their light Spring clothes. They put away their snow boots and got out their rain boots. They put away their snow suits and got out their Spring jackets. They even got out their sunglasses because the sun was so bright.

Just before Spring came, there was St. Patrick’s Day. Everybody dressed in green. Even Becca their golden retriever had a green hat.

“Happy St. Paddy’s Day!” said Shannon.

“Happy St. Paddy’s Day too!” laughed Ally.

“Look at my green hair!” said Ally.

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