Caleb sighed as he wandered through the forest. He had nowhere to go and he was more or less wandering aimlessly. This was a journey of self discovery. Caleb was a werewolf, but he had only discovered this recently. Now, he was outcast. He couldn’t go back to living with the humans. They wouldn’t understand me he thought to himself. It’s funny to think that just a month ago I was a normal kid. Literally my biggest worry was if I was gonna miss a deadline or if our football team was going to win the game this weekend. Fuck. Why the fuck did this happen to me? His moodiness was not improved by the fact that he was actually quite hungry.

These new werewolf features were new to Caleb, and he was still getting used to them. He felt like a kid again, with no control over his limbs. Sure, he was now a much faster runner and could leap and bound at a speed the ATV in his human life couldn’t even come close to matching, but he ran the ATV into trees a lot less than he did his limbs. He’d managed to catch a rabbit the other day, that had lasted him a day or so, but he was hungry again. He could eat the berries, sure, but he didn’t have an appetite for fruit anymore. He craved meat, he craved it badly.

However, worse than the lack of food was the pure loneliness Caleb felt. As a human, he had never really minded being alone all that much. He had some close friends, some very close friends even, but he never really was the social butterfly that a lot of people he knew were. He didn’t mind spending at least a few nights a week alone in his place after work. He found it relaxing. Now that he was a wolf, however, Caleb felt lonelier than ever. He wasn’t quite sure why. Maybe it’s because I don’t have anyone to talk to about this. At least when I hung out with guys like Mitch I could talk to them. But it felt like more than that. Now that he was a wolf, Caleb felt that loneliness spill deep into his bones. He craved interaction, he needed it. It feels as though there’s a part of my soul that’s missing, and that the only way to fill that hole in my body is to belong to a group. The loneliness was draining. I just don’t have any fucking energy.

Caleb found a tree trunk and sat down on it. Small bugs were crawling along it, into a hole leading to the rotten interior of the mossy branch. Caleb grabbed as many bugs as he could and shoved them into his mouth. After a few mouthfuls he knew he had satiated his stomach for at least a few hours.

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