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Ashley’s Rite

By Shane Alexander Greenhough

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Shane Alexander Greenhough

The ritual was the same each time, and Joshua performed every step with the practised monotony of the adept.

This was his last chance to see Ashley again.

He’d strangled Michelle in the living room, after wrapping a towel around his arm and clubbing her in the back of the head. It needed to be a bloodless death - that would save time later. Strangulation, following a stunning blow to the base of the skull, was the best method to achieve this. He’d learned this lesson, and others, through the timeless process of trial-and-error.

What had he become?

He refused to allow himself to think about how close Michelle and he had grown over the past month. Just like with the others, he could not think that way. While the pursuit of love was a part of her purpose, Michelle was never meant to be the object of its obsession.

No, she was nothing more than a vehicle.

She had had very pretty blue eyes though.

He shook his head - no - and grabbed her by the wrists. Her head lolled back as he dragged her toward the stairs, her glossy eyes rolling open to glare at him.

Her spirit - or whatever shadow was left when the body passed - would be crossing the veil he knew, though he wasn’t certain how long he had before its trail would run dry. The book had been sketchy on some of the details. Not much was known about the dead.

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