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The Discovery and Development of Avatar® by Harry Palmer

Editorial Assistance - Kayt Kennedy

All our love to all the people who contributed to the creation of this book.

Published by Star’s Edge International® at Smashwords

© 1994, 2000, 2010 Harry Palmer.

ISNB 978-1-891575-62-4

Avatar®, ReSurfacing®, Thoughtstorm®, Star’s Edge International®, Creativism™ and Living Deliberately™ are the registered trademarks of Star’s Edge, Inc.

Publisher’s Note and Disclaimer:

Living Deliberately is the first section of a larger body of original work collectively referred to as the Avatar Materials. The characters and events described in the text of Living Deliberately are intended to entertain and teach rather than present an exact factual history of real people or events.

Avatar is a nine-day self-evolvement course based on principles of consciousness defined and described by Harry Palmer.

Since its introduction in 1987, Avatar has experienced an explosive global growth. Today (2/2010), there are over 12,000 certified instructors (Masters) of Avatar and more than 100,000 Avatar graduates scattered in 71 countries around the globe.

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