The Sali Vorden affair

By Hannah Jade Robinson

Copyright 2012 by H J Robinson

Smashwords edition

All characters in this publication are fictitious

and any resemblance to real persons,

living or dead is purely coincidental

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At the end of book 1, the rise and fall of Tanya vine, Constance Nesbitt is telling Tanya about the dark past and asking for her help…

Connie took a deep breath. She was about to speak of one of Homestead’s old dark secrets. “When I was only a bit of a girl, about your age, there was this woman, lived on Back Lane she did, to start with anyway.” She shook her head slowly. “Nice old girl she was, once, but she was blessed by the Lady, and she had the Power of casting. Turned out she was the best caster anyone had ever heard of. Forecasting weather, births, crops and so forth. Always right.”

She took another drink from the mug. “But she wasn’t prima. Not even guru, like me. Guru them days was my Grandma, Floren. Anyway, Prudence, the caster, got ideas above her station and started studying… unsavoury things. Won’t go into it now, but she turned evil on us. Started broadcasting as well as forecasting, stopped my Grandma from seeing. Made decent folk turn on each other, murdered my mum, my old gran and some others as well. I was only fourteen then, but I remember what it was like, the mental stuff as well as the violence that came after.”

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