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Author’s Note

Almost every inhabitant of the earth craves for success in a number of things. The two most sort after are riches and good health. To get there fast we devise several ways some of which are illegal, immoral, unrealistic, unsustainable, harmful and sinful. The wicked, after realizing the desperation for these two among the seekers (they being part of it) have devised ways to con, rob, defraud and cheat pretending they can help save the situation.

The victims of these wicked men and women ends up being worse of than they previously were. Some are made objects of merchandise. Some loose hope in life and go into depression. Others give up and get contented and retain the status quo. Some commit suicide while others commit various other types of crimes.

As this continues to happen, another group enjoys massive wealth, good health and success in various other forms. This book is dedicated to open the eyes of those who are seeking success. It gives insight into sustainable good health and riches without compromising religious values/standing, moral values and laws guiding human interactions. You grow healthy, wealthy and attain a well-rounded personality.

The author, who is a staunch Christian and a reformer, has interacted widely with achievers. To come up with this success blue print he has blended their success experiences with various success philosophies and laws of nature. He has a rich teaching experience besides being an independent consultant in the field of agriculture.

Growing healthy and wealthy is based on realistic Christian and economic principles whose proper application guarantees success in any of human legitimate desires. It leads you to good health and riches besides improving your relationship with God. Realities of life are clearly brought out. There are numerous quotations from the bible as well as from icons of success. It is rich in real life experiences fit for any reader who values his/her life.

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