The Crossroads


Jacob Kingston


Michael Lee

Copyright © 2011 by Michael Lee

Smashwords Edition


Life can be beautiful for some but horrible for others. I believe God gave everyone the right to make their own decisions. People have the right to believe in God or not. They also have the choice to take one road and not the other. Today people tend to follow others’ success instead of creating their own. This leads to a lot of misunderstood minds that can easily be influenced into doing things that were not in God’s plans for their life. God said, be anxious for nothing, but most of us are the total opposite. People in today’s age want all their treasures immediately, and they will sometimes do whatever it takes to make sure that happens even if they have to take someone else down in the process. Some people are naive to their peers, especially when growing up, and the effects are getting worse every day. I want to express this to everyone just like my mother told me, “Hanging around a negative crowd can either ruin your life or end it.” Life is like a game of chess; you must thoroughly think out all decisions before you make any moves because one bad move can easily leave all your hopes and dreams a horrible nightmare. But some people are blessed enough to get a rematch on life. Second chances are great but also very difficult at times, especially when you have to let someone know about your past mistakes. People tend to condemn and stereotype quickly when they find out your transgressions. The Creator of heaven, earth, and everything in it stated in the Bible that whosoever repents, their sins shall be washed away. Why can’t a man or a woman on earth do the same? I can understand why the government keeps a record of the convicted, but what I don’t understand is why a young man must be bound to carry a mistake he made for his entire life, making it difficult for him to change and be a success in his manhood. It can get depressing when you think about that rugged road you chose just to go with the flow. Those who are in this category now must do extraordinary things to compensate for past failures, and getting hired for that top-paying job you have always hoped to get sometimes fades when you’re turned down so many times. No matter how strong and focused you are, a negative thought always seems to visit your mind, telling you all your hard work and dedication aren’t going to pay off. Well, there is only one thing, and one thing only, that you can do to eradicate those negative thoughts that are stopping or blocking you from accomplishing what you want in life. That thing you must do is surrendering your all to Jesus Christ the Prince of peace, the King of all kings, the Creator of all things. He will see you through the night and bring you out of the most catastrophic storms.

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