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Jimmy Bishop coached the last six minutes of the NCAA basketball semi-final between Central Prairie University and the UCLA Bruins dressed as a prairie dog.

"I knew there was a reason I turned down the Notre Dame job," Bishop told his nephew Martin, the usual inhabitant of the Central Prairie mascot's costume, as he struggled to get his 6'3", 230-pound body into the furry outfit in the team's locker room. "There's no goddamn way I could pull this off if I had to play a leprechaun."

The idea to disguise himself as a rodent so he could get back to courtside had been, like many of Bishop's decisions, a spontaneous one. Leaving the floor to the jeers of the Bruins partisans and the cheers of the CPU faithful, Bishop had felt a furry paw on his neck and heard Martin say, "That's okay, Uncle Jimmy. We'll get 'em without you."

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