Struggle For Dominance

By Polera North

Copyright 2012 Polera North

Smashwords Edition

“This is wrong!” Scott snarled. He and a half-dozen other men and women were standing nude in a forgotten warehouse basement, feeble beams of the dawn sun filtering in through the thin, dirty windows near the ceiling. All but Scott were smeared with blood, most of it around their hands and faces. All, including Scott, were also covered in sweat and dirt. His ire was directed at the man standing in front of him, Henry, the pack's alpha. There was a corpse on the ground between them, male, his throat and large chunks of flesh ripped from him. What was left of his hair and beard were soaked and matted with blood, which was pooling and running into a drain in the dingy concrete floor.

“This is natural selection!” Henry shot back. “This man, “ he sneered derisively at the pile of meat and bone on the floor. “If you can call it that, was weak. A drain on society. A danger to the rest of the world. Just like all the others. That's why we hunt them.”

“What gives us the right kill people?”

“Because we're better than them. Because they made the choice to give their lives to intoxication, or to sell poison, or their bodies.”

“That's still not our place to be judge, jury and executioners. Hell, we shouldn't even be in the city! Just a few miles away is one of the biggest forests in the country. That's where we should be, in the wild! Like we used to! We're wild animals, Henry, not vigilantes. We should be hunting deer, or hell, bears and mountain lions if we want a challenge, not bums and dealers!”

We're also a pack, Scott, and I'm the alpha. I'm dominant. I say we use our power to clean up the streets of this rotting city. If you want us to do otherwise,” Henry puffed his chest forward. “You'll have to take the title of alpha from me!” he took a step forward. “You think you can do that?”

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