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About An Inconvenient Lover

When Anastasia’s fiancé’s best friend, David, returns to Seattle after years of living overseas, her nice, stable, orderly life is turned upside down. In denial about her own nature and the truth about her parents’ notorious and flamboyant marriage, Anastasia shuts down her attraction toward David. It would be too inconvenient to like him.

Even though digging up her family history will cause pain, David is determined to coax Anastasia’s true nature out of dormancy. But if Anastasia reverts to her real character, marriage to Hugh will become impossible, and David’s best friend will be hurt. And if David doesn’t succeed in setting Anastasia’s soul free, he will lose his own chance at winning her heart.

Praise for An Inconvenient Lover

Winner of the Romance Writers of Australia’s Emma Darcy Award.

But beyond a satisfying love story, it is a well-written book. It reminded me of why I fell in love with reading in the first place. eBookConnections

This book was a wonderful read. She dangled the happy ending like a carrot until the very last page. Romantic Times Magazine.

Better Late Than Never

Eyes of a Stranger was the sixth complete romance I ever wrote and it eventually became the first book I sold and published. It also won a national award — The Romance Writers of Australia’s Emma Darcy Award. I was the inaugural winner, and the award has now been retired, just as Emma Darcy herself has stepped back from writing romances.

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