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Chapter 1

In the 18th century PD, Novans and Rell fought several great wars. This was in the advance of the colvition technology that would dominate their lives and revolutionize warfare. Projectile weapons were the most advanced warfare of that time. These wars, collectively known as the remote-control wars, were most notable for the use of remotely guided robots to do most of the fighting. A base would be established nearby, and great machines—some with treads, some able to fly, some able to primitively walk, would fight each other, the goal being to destroy the other’s robot army, then destroy the opponents command center. Mostly these resulted in protracted fighting with little battlefield gains. This mode of warfare ended in 1815, when a rogue general of the Rell army sent his robots into the Novan civilian population. The scenes of those metal men cutting down the innocent, with blank expressions, and the fear of fully independent, semi-sentient fighting machines doing this, brought about the Honor in Battle treaty. This treaty established that all had the right to see the face of their opponent, to have the honor of dying at the hands of a souman being. Even after the inclusion of the meta-sentients in the Novan population, they were never used for civilian pacification, or in war against the Rell.

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