Whole Brain Power

Michael J. Lavery

Copyright 2012 by Michael J. Lavery

Smashwords Edition


Whole Brain Power™ revolutionizes modern theories on brain training and reveals how each one of us can create within ourselves that elusive “fountain of youth,” significantly rejuvenating our minds and bodies.

Ravaged by an undeniable physical decline, American society seeks refuge from increasing incidents of sleep disorders, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, ADD, ADHD, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. While Americans get sick, pharmaceutical companies get rich. In 2007, Big Pharma took in a half a trillion dollars in gross revenues1.

In our attempt to take preventative measures to protect our health, Americans spent $225 million on brain training products in 2007, up from $50 million in 2005. According to SharpBrains co-founder Alvaro Fernandez, the ‘brain training’ market will surge to $2 billion by 2015.

This explosive growth in products designed to improve the brain is a direct result of people recognizing that the human brain atrophies as we age through lack of use, just as do the muscles of the body. Compounding the decline in brainpower is society’s pervasive addiction to excessive television viewing and violent video games, which studies prove lead to brain damage from the effects of chronic passive stress on the frontal lobes and the memory regions in the hippocampi, and the prolonged release of mind-numbing beta endorphins.

Whole Brain Power™ presents training methodologies designed to help grow the brain at any age, and outlines a comprehensive approach that can lead the disciplined practitioner to a virtual “fountain of youth.” The scientific theories that form the foundation of Whole Brain Power™ are the result of more than twenty years of applied neuroscience research by author Michael J. Lavery. His research into brain function, brain chemistry and brain development has led to a comprehensive understanding of brain dynamics. Conversely, his brain training methodologies developed for the average man or woman of any age are simple and straightforward. Even at forty-nine, when most men are easing into middle age, Lavery is accelerating his strength and athleticism, and is arguably the most ambidextrous athlete on earth.

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