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About the author
and his book:
No Such Thing as Impossible—From Adversity to Triumph

Jairo Alvarez-Botero – a man with a mission – is an immigrant and Colombian businessman who at seventy-three years is proof that the American dream is not a myth. Raised on a farm growing potatoes and corn in the small town of Sonson, Antioquia, in the midst of the Andean mountains of Colombia, Jairo triumphed in the army of his country to live the dream of being part of the elite Presidential Guard. Trained to fight the guerrillas in the rainforest, Jairo would eventually have to put all of his survival instincts into action after becoming a spy for the Army of Colombia.

From a young age, the protagonist had the ambition of becoming a great general, but fate would put him on a different course. It was a path that would strip him of his military career, but also give him the chance to save the life of the president and prevent a coup that sought to restore a dictatorship in Colombia. The fear of losing his life forced him to flee his beloved country into a military cargo plane bound for the United States.

At twenty-five, Jairo had a hundred dollars in his pocket. He was unable to utter a single word in another language. However, his tenacity made him practice his English every day in front of the statue of Moses in Washington Park. Three-and-a-half years later, after incredible hardships and adversities, he earned a degree with honors from the Albany School of Business in New York.

After struggling for many years in this country and failing in various businesses, Jairo, at age 52 start a new venture, home builder. Today, he owns one of the largest developers and residential construction companies in Louisiana. He manages this company along with his children.

In addition, this retired military man is an Olympic champion, an artist, a prostate cancer survivor, a writer, a motivational speaker and a philanthropist who used his good fortune to help numerous charities in his two countries. All the proceeds from his books and conferences are donated to recognized charities organizations.

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