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The Chandelier

by Linda Jordan

writing as Annie Cox

Copyright 2012 by Annie Cox

Published by Metamorphosis Press

The Chandelier Cover photo by Anrejs Pidjass

Photo Licensed by Deposit Photos

Smashwords Edition

The Chandelier

Mirabel sat at the dining room table, looking at the empty, still clean plates. She drained her glass of Eyrie Pinot Noir and fluffed the bouquet of yellow flowered witch hazel, Sarcococca, and her favorite holly, the variegated yellow and green one, making the arrangement perfect. Then she blew out the candle and sat in the near dark, watching the smoke curl up towards the eggshell colored ceiling and drift into nothingness.

Sam hadn’t called. She knew he was working on a case, but she’d at least expected a phone call. On their anniversary. She got up from the table, took her wine glass to the kitchen and rinsed it out. Then she shoved the bowl of cheese ravioli with shrimp into the refrigerator, followed by the green salad, and finally, his favorite chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.

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