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How to Earn Money From Books in Public Domain: Special Edition 7 “Idiot-Proof” Ways to Make Money

Steve Bennion

Copyright 2011 by Steve Bennion

Smashwords Edition


This book is dedicated to all entrepreneurs, old and new, who want to short-cut their way to an extremely lucrative and ongoing income the easy way!


Let’s get straight to the point; I’ve not got time to write out 70 or so pages of fluff and BS when 10 or 11 pages will do the job. And you’ve not got time to sit and read through a whole bunch of hype either when all you want is fact and information and how to get an online (or offline) business up and running and making money in the shortest time possible.

So, here we are then. We’re here to explore how YOU can make an unlimited income from legally plundering the Public Domain and cherry picking the best material possible to use as your own money-maker. This report will give you every single bit of information you need, including facts and stats, important dates, valuable resources, and really useful tips I have found out through my own experience with Public Domain material… and so much more.

Most probably you’ve heard the term “public domain” before, but just like the vast majority you’re not too sure exactly what it means, does, is, or how you can benefit from it. So if you already work online, or want to start to work online, or just plain want to develop and monetize your own niche products by piggy backing off existing, high quality material without any legal hassles whatsoever then this report is for you!

If up to now the Public Domain has been a complete mystery don’t worry; by the time you’ve gone through this short report you’ll know more than enough about it to be able to get you churning out a solid income with almost zero outlay or investment.

Chapter 1: What is the Public Domain?

The biggest question I get asked is “what is the Public Domain” so let’s answer that before we move on. The Public Domain is a massive collection of material and content that is free of copyright. Most people just think of books when it comes to PD stuff but it covers a whole lot more than that such as artworks, paintings and prints, photos and postcards as well as the better known written material such as books and novels, essays and poetry.

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