The Perfect Kiss

A Wetherby Short Story

Jerrica Knight-Catania

Smashwords Edition

This short story is a work of fiction.

Names, characters, locations and events are either a product of the

author’s imagination, fictitious or used fictitiously.

Any resemblance to any event, locale or person,

living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The Perfect Kiss

Copyright 2011 by Jerrica Knight-Catania

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or part in any format.

Cover design by Jerrica Knight-Catania


Dear Reader,

I am so excited to make this short story available to you, as it was my entrée into the publishing world. An entry for a contest that led me to Second Wind Publishing, The Perfect Kiss first appeared in their anthology of romantic stories, Love is on the Wind. I hope you enjoy the story of how my favorite character, Katherine Hart, Duchess of Weston, fell in love with her duke.

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