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A wondrous little book has joined the unofficial canon of “American Zen.” And like most things wondrous and miraculous, it is a pebble that deserves to splash the pond like a boulder. "Answer Your Love Letters" is a gem. The essays and stories are taken from life. Unlike intellectualized Zen, they are written as humble snapshots from life, often in the first person and with a journalist’s sparcity of words. The lessons in the stories shine through with the clarity of a single kanja brushed by a calligrapher’s hand. They are at once unassuming and ingenious. – By the Rev. Fa Dao Shakya (U.S.A.)

Refreshing, inspiring, fun, thought-provoking, and a little bit addictive. – By Laura Jean

Something completely different, new, fresh. While this book is obviously informed by Zen practice, what is living and breathing in it isn't drowned out by it. It’s a real book about real life. In fact, while reading it I didn't really have the feeling that I was "reading" a "book". The stories and anecdotes were more like new friends. I was sitting on a river bank watching them float down the river past me, one by one. I waved to them. They waved back – By Richard Laubly (Paris, France)

It is a pleasure and an education to delve into the mind, experience, humor and wisdom of Adam Fisher via this wonderful book with a perfect title. – By Dr. Janet Jeppson Asimov, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and author of “Notes for a Memoir on Isaac Asimov”

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