From beer-stained floors, flat broke to billions

Left to right: Cuban, Scott Susens, Martin Woodall and Greg Schipper enjoy their early days in Dallas. Photo courtesy of Mark Cuban.

Published on April 15, 2011, general assignments writer Brad Townsend chronicled Mark Cuban’s rise from a broke, hell-raising college student to the billionaire basketball owner.

Three weeks before his 24th birthday, Mark Cuban sputtered into Dallas in his ’77 Fiat X1/9, leaking oil and optimism.

All he had that July 7, 1982 day was a little cash, wrinkled clothes, a sleeping bag, a two-seat car with a hole in the floorboard and an invite to bunk with five guys in a three-bedroom apartment.

His ensuing rise to billionaire Mavericks owner is well-known dot-com lore, but what about the backstory? What brought him to Dallas? Who were these roommates and what became of them?

Meet Greg Schipper, Dave O’Brien, Mike Sterry, Dave Carr and Mark Wisely. Now in their early 50s and spread across the country, they have off-the-wall memories of the quirky roommate with the absurd reading glasses, the fellow they nicknamed Cubano and Slobbins.

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