The Spirits of Birds, Bears, Butterflies And All Those Other Wild Creatures

By Thomas “Dennie” Williams

Copyright by Thomas “Dennie” Williams 2012

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This book is a work of non-fiction. The characters are real and identified. The contents have been carefully investigated for accuracy. Reading material suited for all ages, but particularly for young adults.

Many thanks for the editorial support by Dr. John Briggs, professor of Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process at Western Connecticut State University, who read parts of the book to help me evaluate its further needs. Much gratitude is offered as well to Ina Williams, the fine painter, who created the artistic sun scene for the book’s cover.

The beliefs of the author, reflected in this book, are reflected in this passage.

“Spirituality is: listening to the birds singing deep in the woods near the rush of a river; smelling the purple lilacs in bloom in bushes surrounding you; staring at a bright yellow half-moon’s face in dark blue skies; tasting a ripe wild blackberry in the midst of its bush; or touching the nose of a friendly dolphin as it surfaces from the ocean adjacent to a sail boat. But, spirituality’s arousing, inspiring, supernatural experiences surface regularly only with experienced and appreciative humans. They are only those with natural environmental instincts, joy in viewing beauty in the wild, and sensitivity to all of the sights, smells, tastes, feelings and sounds emitted by every wild creature and plant. Once such human spirit becomes a habit, it is a power equal to or beyond even the kindest, noblest religious belief: indeed, because that spirited instinct is within the heart of most all those living, dwelling or growing closest to the earth. Unfortunately, it is not a common trait for all humans. If it was, we would be living in peace, without wars. Do wild creatures create battles to wantonly kill other beings like humans do? No! Do they kill for reasons other than food nourishment? If they do, those rare beasts are either crazed, protecting their family, or out of the ordinary man eaters.”

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