Lonely Werewolf In A Lonely Cabin

Published by Cora Adel at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Cora Adel

Sarah leaned her elbows against the windowsill and plopped her chin into her open hands. She sighed dramatically and stared out of the cabin’s window at the dreary lake. Wind blasted across the dark grey surface, sending small whitecaps cascading across its surface and into the muddy shores. The single small, wooden canoe thrashed wildly amongst the waves and crashed against the run-down dock that it was attached to by a short rope.

Sarah groaned and turned her attention to the thick forest that claustrophobically crowded in on all sides of the small cabin. The trees bent and twisted as the hard wind rushed through them. Drab, autumn colored leaves flew wildly about the forest floor and got stuck in collective heaps when the wind could no longer reach them. She heard another branch break, one of the many she had heard during this storm, and spied something dark rushing between the deep forest shadows. A deer. Maybe a moose. Who cares.

“Why did I agree to this again?” Sarah wondered out loud.

She had recently taken to talking out loud to keep herself company.

“And why not?” she protested to no one in particular. “No one else is going to entertain me.”

Sarah stood up, straightened her back, and put her hands on her hips. She spun from the window in a huff and walked across the boring 70’s style rug that covered the worn hardwood floors. She slumped into the outdated tweed colored couch with a sigh and blew her long brown hair out of her face with a quick puff. Sarah grabbed a nearby throw blanket, tossed it over herself, and nestled into the couch to try to get comfortable. She looked around lazily for something to entertain herself with and spied a dingy old leather bound book that seemed like it was tossed half hazardly under the nearby nightstand. Sarah, slightly annoyed that she had to momentarily get back up, snagged the tome and then laid back onto the musty couch.

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