What Readers are saying about Cream from Butterflies

Brought me back to my childhood growing up in another small Wisconsin town in the same era. I didn't want the book to ever end. This would be on a MUST READ list if you grew up in the 50's and 60's.”

The author puts such depth into her writings. As you read this book, one feels her thoughts, understands her dreams for her future and is saddened by her unhappiness at times, with her life. This is a journal filled with her every day "tidbits" of youth. The author expounds and writes about what is happening on a daily basis in her home town, Chippewa Falls, WI. Chippewa Falls is a small uppper midwest town. Many individuals might find it boring as did the author, at times. She wrote how she looked forward to moving away to "find herself" instead of depending on her family's inner circle. However, at the end of the writings, after she had gone to a prestigious university to get her degree, she returned years later and found peace in the town she grew up in. I loved reading this book. I believe anyone who kept a journal while growing up, will laugh at times, cry secretly within, and most importantly picture themselves!”

Cream from Butterflies


Candace A. Hennekens

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