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Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser

"I lived and breathed the PUA world for years and I honestly thought I had seen everything. But Clarisse brought some fresh and interesting perspectives, which was really cool."

~ From an interview with former pickup artist coach Mark Manson

"Clarisse's analysis is as interesting, easy-to-follow and well-laid out as it is in all of her writing, but the most compelling thing in this book is not the analysis itself, but the way in which Clarisse uses memoir to supplement her analysis. Clarisse is a brilliant sex writer with what appears to be (on the page, at least) an unflinching ability to reveal personal information. That talent is highlighted here as Clarisse fleshes out scenes that create a parallel emotional and intellectual journey, allowing the reader to travel with her through the insights and frustration of her time on the fringes of the pick-up artist community. Her intelligent writing about S&M and polyamory help establish her presence in the text as someone with a subaltern point of view, and place pick-up artistry within the context of other sexual subcultures."

~ From a review by Nebula award winner and feminist writer Rachel Swirsky

"Insightful, thoughtful, engaging, and very well-balanced. Clarisse talks about all sides of the community -- the positive, negative, and horrendous -- and she draws larger lessons about society and human nature."

~ From an interview with cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman

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