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The Vampire Experience


Brandy Corvin


Copyright © 2012 by Brandy Corvin

* * * * *

"Brandy? Brandy! Wake up!"

My eyes open wide in a panicked frenzy. I find myself staring at Ms Garcia. She's hell of an uptight bitch and unfortunately, she's also my immediate superior. Her eyes narrow at me, giving her signature glare of disapproval that makes that mole on her cheek pop out even more. Ugh, how disgusting.

"I would appreciate it if you stop falling asleep at your desk! I know you had to pull an all-nighter yesterday here in the office but if I catch you dozing off one more time I'm going to write you up, do you understand?"

"Yes Ms Garcia," I gulp and look down as she finally relents, satisfied that I'm submitting to her power.

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