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Team Building Activities for Managers

By: Tyler Hayden

Smashwords Edition Copyright © Tyler Hayden, 2012

Adventure activities by their very nature are highly active and participatory. Improper use of the activities described herein may result in injury. The activities should not be attempted without the supervision of trained and properly qualified leaders.

Neither the author, publisher, seller or any distributor of this publication assumes any liability for loss or damage, direct or consequential to the readers or others resulting from the use of the materials contained herein, whether such loss or damage results from errors, omissions, ambiguities or inaccuracies in the materials contained herein or otherwise. No warranties, express or implied, as to merchantability or as to fitness for any particular use or purpose are intended to arise out of the sale or distribution of this publication and this publication is sold "as is" "with all faults." The liability of the author, publisher, seller, or any distributor of this publication an account of any such errors, omission or ambiguities shall, in any event, is limited to the purchase price of this publication.

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