Corraminya Pazareshovichinskovayarovikh chose to dress up as a girl for she thinks she was far more beautiful that way. She was not. She was better off as a man because she had very muscular arms and fat body and her face was filled with pockmarks, highlighted by a humongous nose and crossed-eyes. Her hair was wiry and her ears were like slices of meatloaf. She was ugly  and hunchbacked and she was actually look more normal if she did not dress up like a lady because she was definitely be considered a hag or a spawn from hell. But nevertheless, she held her head high and did not care. She actually owns the only oral hygiene clinic in the town where she has products for all aspects of the mouth. Why? Because she was obsessed with her mouth.

She would brush ten times a day. She never eats sweets and drinks a lot of supplements and milk for calcium. She gargles all the time, three times with a different products every time she brushes with her teeth as if it is water. She actually drinks it, believing it would help clean her throat and stomach. She uses dental floss, clearing all the stains and debris. She goes to the dentist every month for a full cleaning and eventually, she bought him off as a personal dentist who now lives with her.

She was beloved by the community because she was very kind and she likes to help people with a lot of things. She is much respected and no one dared to say an evil word to her because of her intense goodness despite her accursed and demonic visage.

However one day, while she was walking, across town on her way to her clinic, she came across a group of drunkards happily partying and cheering. They eyed the transvestite and saw her as a nymph in their intoxicated stupor. They quickly went to her and chased her. She fled but in the end she gave up because her feet were so swollen already. They pushed her down and took off all her regalia, raped her until she was all bruised up and beaten and bleeding. They broke all her bones and pulled her hair out. They even gouged her eyes out from her face and made her eat it. They cut her penis and fed it to a dog. It was a long night of unimaginable misery. They urinated and defecated and even vomitted on her until they were satisfied. Then they poured all the contents of her bottles of mouthwash and toothpaste in her mouth until she choked. They left her for dead.

But in the end, she just laid there with a smile on her face. She was no longer a virgin as she wished for no man would like to volunteer making love to her. And what was more important was that her mouth was still fresh and clean, the sole oasis in her destroyed body.

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